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Here at 1 Stop Tech Repair, we provide repair solutions to customers that are looking for high quality services with competitive prices. We have highly qualified repair technicians and engineers that are here to provide help to our valued customers.

               With many years of computer repair shop experience, ! Stop is sure to be a great fit for thousands of small Business with Computer and Network issues all over the Fairfield County.

Established some years back We have been fixing Desktops/Laptops , IPhones , Samsung phones , Charging ports , Software Bricked , Game counsels , Broken screens/keyboards ) and has  been doing wonderfully well.

1 Stop Tech Repair has proven to be something of a solution for many businesses. A large part of our success is our passion for innovation and service. Our technicians love helping our clients learn and understand how the latest products can help make their lives more convenient and enjoyable, while giving them a learning experience to help them in the future.

The other “secret” to our success is that, we’re far from new to the industry. We brought our years of experience to a world where devices break, and computer break all the time. We are here to fix it and we’ve stayed current with the rapidly changing and ever-exciting world of technology. It’s our way of ensuring that our clients receive the most efficient service and the highest expertise available in the industry. We’re confident that the specialized knowledge our staff possesses can resolve even the most difficult repair needs. 


We hope you enjoy it!



Remote Help?

We can remotely help you over the phone. Most problems can be resolved. As long as you have a internet connection.